If you do not know us already, we are the leading vape shop in El Paso, offering the best customer service, the best electronic cigarette Systems, the best E-Liquids, the best Coils, and the best tanks, basically the absolute best. Since 2013 we have been working hard to be the premier vape shop in the El Paso area, always carrying top-tier inventory in vaping systems by offering leading brands such as Aspire, SMOK, VOOPOO, Geek Vape, and many more. Visit Local Businesses owned by local owners.

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As a “mom and pop” vape shop we understand the customer’s needs more than most high retail establishments. We have always offered a friendly and comfortable experience in our vape shop, answering any vaping questions and concerns, explaining the proper use and maintenance of every one of our electronic cigarettes, and always doing it by offering fair prices. Of course, alongside vaping systems and atomizers we offer only the best e-liquid in El Paso. At Star Mountain Vapor we take pride in the careful and meticulous artistry that is necessary to produce the most supreme vape juice we can offer to our customers at our vape shop in El Paso and to the nation through our online Services. Looking on google for a vape shop near me? Star Mountain Vapor is the premier E-liquid shop el pasoans can rely on.


If you are looking for education on vaping or just a bit more information on electronic cigarettes you have come to the right place. Let’s start off by answering the question: What is vaping Vaping is simply done by inhaling the vapor produced by an e cigarette or a handheld battery powered device. Now let’s move on to: What is an electronic cigarette or an e cigarette? An e cigarette or vape is made up of several components that make everything work properly to give you the best and cleanest vaping experience. It is made up of a handheld battery powered device (vaping system), a tank, and a coil (atomizer). What is a vaping system? A vaping system is simply a handheld battery powered vaporizer, it is the only electronic component of a full e-cigarette system.

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What is the tank in a vape?

The tank is a container that holds e-liquid and the coil. What is a coil in a vape? The coil of an electronic cigarette is the most essential part and it is a disposable piece which will need to be replaced every so often, it is composed of cotton and wire.

How does a vaping system work?

The coil, or atomizer, sits inside the tank which holds the e-juice of your choice, the cotton inside the coil then absorbs the e-juice around it and once the tank is screwed into the vaping system, the system produces electricity. This electricity travels to the wire inside the coil, producing heat and therefore evaporating the e-liquid around it. The vapor then travels up through the chimney of the tank and is now ready to be inhaled.

When should I replace the coil in my vape?

Coils can develop a “burnt” taste after some usage, this is the best indicator of when it is time to replace it. We recommend you take a look inside your coil between every refill and see if there are any brown or burnt spots in it, as this will confirm it is no longer a usable coil. As stated before, coils must be replaced every so often, and there is no formula or “one-fits-all” timeframe to tell when it needs to be replaced. Instead, since we are the experts in vaping we offer a few tips to not only know when you have to replace your coil, but also how to make your coil last longer.


After years of working with vapes, we have come to realize it is not time that dictates the lifespan of your coils, but the type of e-juice you use, the amount of power you run through it, how you use your e cigarette system, and how often you use it. As the best vape shop in El Paso, we recommend you prime every coil you use by putting a few drops of your vape juice on every cotton surface you can (do not over do it either) before installing it into the tank. Once you have installed your coil into the tank, fill the tank and let it rest for a few minutes. Avoid letting your tank go empty, although your coil might still have vaping juice in it, you run the risk of letting it dry out and burning the cotton inside.

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Most coils have a range for the amount of wattage you can run through your vaping system, this is done for you to optimize the amount of vapor you obtain from your coil and avoid burning through it too quickly. Also, beware of “chain-vaping” this is when you “puff” on your system too often in a short amount of time and do not with your coil a chance to reabsorb your e-juice. This can cause dry spots in the cotton and it will be easier for the coil to burn. We also recommend not using dark-colored or extremely sweet e-juice, as these factors can speed up the burning of your coil. Come by our vape shop in El Paso to have one of our knowledgeable employees explain everything better in person. Vape Shop near me open now!

Now lets move onto e-liquids/e-juice/vaping juice, electronic cigarette liquid anything you want to call it. What is e-liquid made of? Here at Star Mountain Vapor we use only 4 main ingredients to make our premier e-liquid. As the best vape shop in El Paso, we pride ourselves on using high quality ingredients when preparing our house e-juice. We use food grade Vegetable Glycerin, food grade Propylene Glycol, food grade flavoring, and liquid nicotine, every ingredient is proudly made in the USA. We DO NOT use any food dyes, additives, or diacetyl. At Star Mountain Vapor you can find the best e-liquid in El Paso and around the country, we offer more than 80 different house flavors, each with 3 different VG/PG blends, and 9 different nicotine levels. We are the specialists in e-liquid in El Paso and online. Does every e-liquid contain nicotine? No, here at Star Mountain Vapor we make sure to cater to every need, we carry all of our vape juice flavors in nicotine levels of 0, 1, 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, and 36%. We like to recommend starting at a comfortable nicotine level and that can vary largely from customer to customer.

Determining the best nicotine level for you requires to take a lot of factors into consideration: Do you smoke? How often? How many cigarettes a day? What brand? These are all questions we ask to help you find the best nicotine level for yourself. We also carry every single vape juice flavor in blends of 60VG/40PG, 70VG/30PG, and 80VG/20PG. Our 60VG/40PG e-liquid blend is formulated to give the best flavor profile out of the rest and works best for small prebuilt coils that burn at a lower temperature. It is also the best blend for beginners because it does not produce a large cloud, which can be hard to handle at first. The 70VG/30PG blend we carry at Star Mountain Vapor is a great middle ground for people who want to have a bigger “vaping cloud” without sacrificing flavor. It is also a thicker blend, meaning it would work best for tanks and systems that can use more power. Lastly, the 80VG/20PG vaping juice blend we carry will give the best “vaping cloud” at it is our thickest blend available. This blend is great for tanks with coils designed to withstand a large amount of power without burning too quickly and also for RDA and RTA systems. Our customers love our signature e-liquids, we carry flavorful e-liquids such as the fruity Apple Berry, a delicious blend of pomegranate and green apple.

Maybe you are looking for a tobacco flavored e-liquid, in that case the robust and earthy flavor of our e-juice John Wayne might be perfect for you. Are you looking for the best e-liquid in El Paso, then you will absolutely find it here at Star Mountain Vapor. We carry the best e-liquid flavors in El Paso, because we ARE the best vape shop in El Paso. We are willing to bet you won’t be able to pick just one of our best-selling vape juices. If you are in El Paso, you are always welcome to come in and sample the vape juices we offer. Only restrictions: valid ID and a $0.10 charge for unlimited vape juice sampling.

When you come to the experts in vaping in El Paso, you can be sure that any one of our trusted employees can teach you about vaping. We enjoy answering any questions you may have about vaping, that is why we are the leading vape shop in El Paso. What is the best vape shop in El Paso? Star Mountain Vapor. Our Vape Store has starter kits and everything you need to switch to vaping. Whether you come in to shop or just look around, we guarantee we will be able to answer any vaping questions, help you understand your system, find the perfect e-liquid for you, and walk you through any concerns you may have. Vapor Store in El Paso.

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