High Quality Products At A Reasonable Price

About Us:

Star Mountain Vapor has industry leading accessories which may not be stocked on the shelves of other vaping shops El Paso customers may frequent.  Stop in and let our team of vaping pros educate you on the specifics of the technology, and the products used in our top of the line accessories to provide the most enjoyable vaping experience possible.  We stock everything you need for the ultimate vaping experience.  From batteries to wicks, and replacement tanks to intelligent chargers – all at incredibly affordable prices that will not break the bank.  We also offer a 15 percent military discount for our Armed Forces clientele that are looking for top-of-the-line vaping products and accessories.

Star Mountain Vapor carries recognized accessory brands including Aspire and iTaste which ae designed to provide an enjoyable and stylish experience, with a great look and lasting durability that provides real value for every dollar spent.  We also carry the most popular E-Cigarette flavors that you can sample.  Currently we stock flavorful selections which include Morning Melon, the crowd favorite Appleberry, and Smartypants which imitate the Smarties candy brand  – just to name a few. We have great flavors designed to meet a variety of preferences for just about anyone.  Star Mountain Vapor is different from other vaping shops El Paso customers have come to expect and we welcome the opportunity to show you why.

Star Mountain Vapor is open 10am-9pm Monday through Saturday and 12pm-6pm on Sunday.  Give us a call at 915-240-8313 for more information and let our friendly staff fill you in on all that is Star Mountain Vapor.  Do not settle for anything less than the best! Your first experience should be the best, and if you are an experienced vaper, you can further enhance your experience with a line of great products and accessories in stock at Star Mountain Vapor.

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