E-Liquid Smartypants (Smarties Candy)


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Basic Ingredients:  Food-grade vegetable glycerin, Food-grade Propylene Glycol, Natural Nicotine, and Artificial Flavoring

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15 reviews for E-Liquid Smartypants (Smarties Candy)

  1. John

    Great flavor on the inhale.It seems to change just like eating smarties. The exhale reminds me of the white ones. I always saved those for last.

  2. Mary Jo

    Just like the candy!!! Imagine smashing up a handful and vaping it! I agree with John that the exhale tastes like the white ones,, the best!

  3. Desiree

    This juice really brought me into a time warp. It tastes EXACTLY like the Smarties candy!
    This is a great treat to give yourself when you feel like you want a little candy!
    Even gives off the “powder mouth” on the exhale!
    Love this juice!

  4. Lannie Amber

    When I was in the 7th grade, I used to take my $1.00 allowance for the week and go buy a bag of 100 rolls of Smarties (yes, they were only a penny each). Then I would sit down and proceed to eat the entire bag. THIS IS JUST LIKE THAT! Endless Smarties, but with none of the sugar or calories! My favorite ones were the purple ones, and I can taste those in here, too.

  5. Mary Jo

    Just won this in one of their great contests on ECF. Still the best candy vape around, I LOVE IT!!!

  6. Mary Jo

    Previously, I have been vaping his at 18mg nic in a Protank. Yesterday, I loaded some 6mg in a subtank, and WOW…I didn’t think it could get any better, but I was WRONG! I’ll keep coming back for this over and over.

  7. rebecca conklin

    I love this juice and I also like the fact that I don’t taste any one flavor…a wonderful vape and true to it’s name!

  8. Ed

    A very good candy vape. It really does have that smarties taste and feel. If you love the candy you’ll love this.

  9. Jo

    There’s a reason this is on the best sellers list! So yummy, takes me back to being a kid. Even better vaped with a ceramic coil, I swear you can taste each color of Smarties individually!

  10. Dale

    One of my favorites hands down. It really tastes like grabbing a handful of smartys candy and throwing them in your mouth all at once. An amazing flavor for sure.

  11. jasonrecio

    This is great just like the candy and the nicotine seems very clean. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

  12. Chris Harkin

    Wow, now I know what all the fuss is about on the ECF forum 🙂 I’m from there UK and “Smarties” are not whats pictured on this website our smarties are like plain m&m’s to you US folk, over here it seems what you have here we call “swizzels” refreshers sweets or something to that effect, anyhow, I got this liquid and was excited to try it and I must say it doesn’t disappoint, its axactly like those chalky powdery sweets you, well, eat, but I guess without ruining your teeth or waistline, not TOO sweet and not too chalky, perfect I would say as it is sold and advertised.

    Lovely vapour, clean nic, and you actually get a slight powdery sensation on the exhale just like you were eating the sweets 😀

  13. Diane Romeo

    Definitely tastes like the Smarties Candy. Awesome candy flavor for the candy vape enthusiast!

  14. Li Blue (ECF)

    Oh this is so spot on. I love the flavor and yes you can pick out different flavors on the exhale…..Excellent!!!
    I will be coming back for more!!!

  15. kig.kevin

    Very nice all day vape

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